The '70, '80s and after The '70, '80s and after Dan and me at Disney Me in a plaid suit around age 3, always the sharp dresser. Dan putting his arm around his little brother. My favorite picture of us. 153025596 My first birthday I'll cut ya: don't think I won't because I'm blonde. 153025597 On the hood, waiting for my first haircut Not pudgy, just wearing layers. 153025599 Gramma having at my hair. That's her pink house, pink slippers, and favorite Neopolitan shirt. 153025598 Feral boys at Christmas Dan in his Dallas Cowboys jacket, and my cowboy hat on the bed (bad luck!) that I stole from Richard. 153025595 Someone get this kid to a doctor. I look malnourished. Fantastic curtains though. 153025600 The betrayal. Gramma in a beehive, Richard looking spooky in a tie, and I've just finished crying. 153025601 Marge, Rex, and Dan. In order of sweatiness. 153026080 Mare as a Mimi, Dan as a blind person. Palm trees in the back indicate Central Junior High. 153026078 The Mimis at Gladys Porter Zoo First position! 153026081 The Mimis on vacation Probably San Antonio. We always went to San Antonio. 153026079 Rex and the Mimis at the beach. With our cousin Dora, who looks like Dora the Explorer in this. Boca Chica beach, and Grampa's truck. 153026084 Dan and Gramma, post Army. Dan when he returned from the Army, with one of the rigs behind them. Gramma is shrinking. 153026077 The three brothers, mid 90s Hardly ever did this happen, the three of us in the same room. 153026083 Mom graduating UT at Brownsville. We were quite happy for her. 153026082 Chris' poem An example of a poem Chris left for me in a notebook once. 153025594